Building the Confidence of the Owner and the Trust of the Dog

      When you come to talk to me about your dog you also have to tell me about yourself and your relationship with dogs, both now and in the past.  Your feelings and experience as an owner are as important as, maybe even more important than, the character of your dog.  I believe that dogs in general have very few problems, but that they quickly adapt to situations to take advantage of them.  Therefore I try to identify any possible issues in the dog-owner relationship and work out the best answers – which often involve simply adapting the daily routine of walks and the physical interactions between the dog and his/her owner.  These changes increase the confidence of the owner and what was ‘fear’ or concern turns into appropriate attention towards their dog.
An owner who has too much ‘fear’ can impede a dog’s healthy development by restricting outings and socialisation which, in turn, prevents a dog from experiencing life in a way that is best for his or her healthy mental and physical growth and well-being.

     Discovering trust in their dog and confidence in themselves allows the owner to have a fun-filled relationship with their pet.  This is very far from the strict ‘rules’ of dog training methods that do not capitalise on the bond of affection between an owner and his animal.

Owners should be wary of internet sites that are too focussed on the characteristics of one particular breed or owners that offer ‘top tips’ for training.   ‘Sit!’, ‘Stand!’, ‘Down!’ do not help you understand your pet, nor do they help you understand dogs as a whole!